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Post DIY - Replace Blower Motor

Do this at your own risk
I will not be held liable for anyone or anything
Do not disconnect any airbags. They are usually yellow plugs.
Make sure you have safety glasses on at all times. I don't want to see anyone posting a comment that they stabbed their eye.

I have uploaded a video to YouTube. You will be able to hear the squeak before the blower is replaced and how it sounds after it is done.
Replace Blower Motor
If you do not want to click on the link, then go to YouTube and search for "Piotr Bilek." Click on my channel and you will find a video titled "Chevrolet Sonic/Aveo Replace Blower Motor."

Tools Needed
7/32" socket
7mm socket
Short flathead screwdriver
Socket Extension
Joint socket
Flashlight - Optional

If this is the first blower motor being replaced in your sonic, you will need a utility knife, preferably a clean sharp blade, some sand paper, and a vacuum cleaner


Parts Needed
Blower Motor - GM 95472959 (Double check for yourself)

Optional Parts
Resistor - GM 95018066 (Double check for yourself)
Cabin Air Filter - GM 13271190 (preferably CF 10775) (Double check for yourself)


1-Remove the glove box
Disconnect the damper, take out the glove box, and set it off to the side

2-Loosen the floor air duct
Take the flathead screwdriver and take out the rivet.


3-Remove the bottom panel
Unscrew the 2 black screws with the 7mm. Do NOT unscrew the silver screws with red on them.


Once you unscrewed it, lift the panel up and shift it to the left to get it out easier. It will require some force/bending to get it out but do not break it. Adjust the air duct to make things easier.

4-Disconnect the Blower Motor


5-Unscrew the blower motor cover
Unscrew the 3 inner silver screws with the 7/32" and if this is the first time, those will be the only silver screws.

First time


6-Disconnect the resistor
It is located in the left corner. The reason for this is so you don't have to break or loosen the zip ties that are attached to the blower motor cover and the wires. Once it is out, slide down the blower motor cover, and then
push the plug and the cover off to the right side.


7-Take out the blower motor
This is where it is going to vary if it has been replaced or not.
If it was replaced before, then you will unscrew the 3 outer (remaining) silver screws with the 7/32" socket. Once it is unscrewed, it will drop down. Angle the blower motor and adjust the air outlet to get it out.


If this is the first time it is being replaced on your sonic, then you will have to cut it out. You will cut straight up parallel to the blower. It is very clear of were to cut. For sections that I was unable to see, I put 2 fingers on the back of the blade and lined it up with the gap. I pushed the knife straight up and I did this bit by bit until it was cut out.



Once it is cut out, it will drop down. Angle the blower motor and adjust the air outlet to get it out. Take some sand paper and clean up the lower case of where you cut. Take the vacuum cleaner and clean up the debris.



Do NOT take off the balance on the new blower motor.


8-Put in the new blower motor
Screw in the 3 silver screws with the 7/32"
They should be provided with the new motor and they should be in the box that the motor came in.


9-Attach the blower motor cover
Slide the cover up into place and screw in the silver screws with the 7/32” socket.


10-Reconnect the blower motor
Plug in the wire


11-Reconnect the resistor
If you have not done so, this is the time would you want to replace the resistor. Once done, plug it back in.


12-Test it
Start the car in a well-ventilated area to make sure everything is working. Make sure everything is connected tightly. Open the garage door if you have to. If yours was squeaking, you will notice that it is gone.

13-Reattach bottom panel
Get it in and screw in the 2 black screws with the 7mm.



14-Reconnect the floor air duct
Put the rivet back in for the floor air duct


15-Put the glove box back in
Put in the new cabin air filter if you have one. Then put the glove box back in and reconnect the damper. You are done.


At least $175 saved in under 3 hours


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Nice, mine just started squeeking last week, wondering if there might just be a leaf or some other debris.
Good write up.
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Build thread:
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Great work. Mine has been squeaking. I'll have to go ahead and get it done.
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I want who ever made the decision for the need to CUT OUT a blower motor ...found and whipped with a wet noodle.
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No kidding,how stupid can you get?.My 2014 started to squeek last year but never would do it constantly until now just when my warranty has expired...Pretty sad GM cant make a blower motor that wont even last 4 years.
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there is currently a campaign from GM about the motors squeaking.
got mine fixed under warranty.
go to your dealer and mention the campaign or TSB and they'll usually do it for free
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Do you have the TSB number?.Thx.
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Originally Posted by wpgsonic View Post
Do you have the TSB number?.Thx.
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My Sonic just turned 2 and it's been squeaking for some time now. Nice to know it's kind of an easy fix, thanks for the write up!

Do you guys think there is any other solution other than replacing it? I'd like to not spend the $130ish if possible. Maybe getting some graphite up in the moving parts? I suppose that probably wouldn't work for very long...
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blower, chirp, hvac, motor, squeak

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