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Default Floor Mat Review: 3D, Aries 3D, or MAXpider 3D

Skip to the bottom if you just want the quick details:

I was looking for a set of floor mats that would cover the ďdead pedalĒ as well as give me protection for the center floor between the two rear seats. I like to rest my foot on the dead pedal and my boys like to get into the car on the same side and crawl over to the other seat. Because I live in the Pacific Northwest, I wanted something to cover and protect my stock carpets as best as possible. Of course we get lots of rain and even worse, pine needles, so I wanted something to keep the original carpets clean and dry.

I was considering going with the front Weather Tech All Weather Floor Mats due to the dead pedal cover, and the Weather Tech Floor Liners for the rear to give me the center protection I wanted in the back. Iíve read that the Weather Tech Floor Liners only cover Ĺ or less of the dead pedal and the Weather Tech All Weather mats for the back donít cover the center hump. The other mats I was looking at were the Novline (found on Amazon) for $85 plus shipping because of the dead pedal cover and the center hump cover, but after reading a review for one of the rear cargo liners and how it didnít fit perfectly so the latch wouldnít close without some trimming, I figured Iíll look for more options.

I found these 3D or Aries 3D or MAXpider 3D floor mats on Amazon and Ebay. They all look to be the same and I believe they all come from the same manufacture, but they have different names depending on where you look but the 3D logo on the mats is the same. Iíve found the price to be $151.09 with free shipping no matter where you look which is just a bit lower than the $169 I found for the Weather Tech Floor Liners. I ordered a set from Amazon and got them in three days, not including the weekend. They shipped from Southern California and things get to Washington in two to three days. They came in a nice box with a handle and when I opened the box, they were in excellent condition. The rear mat was folded in half to fit in the box, but it wasnít bent, it was curved right where the rear hump is so all I had to do was lay it flat and it went back to its standard shape. When you look at pictures of these mats, they look like they could be weaved fabric, but they are not at all fabric. They are more of a ďcarbon fiberĒ type weave, but are 100% plastic. They will come out and you can hose them off just as you would the Weather Techís, either the All Weather Mats or the Floor Liners. They have a nice feel to them, and if you are lucky enough to have an RS model like I do, the carbon fiber look matches the dash and door inserts of the car. These did come with clips, but they are too large and you will need to reuse the ones off your stock floor mats. I popped the clips off my stock RS mats and put them on these mats. They fit perfect and have a nice lip to them so there shouldnít be an issue with water escaping. The nice part of these mats is the back. They are made of a Velcro type material which makes the mats grip the carpet in the car. They are molded to fit perfectly just like the Weather Techs and with the grip on the back, they arenít going anywhere. I was a little disappointed with the dead pedal cover, it looks like it might get the whole pedal in the pictures, but it still only covers about 2/3ís of the dead pedal. Itís more than the Weather Tech Floor Liners, but doesnít seem to be as much as the All Weather Mats. I put my stock RS mats over the top of these because I like the red highlights on the stock mats, but I did notice the driverís side mat will move around, so be careful and make sure it doesnít get up under your pedals if you chose to leave them in.

-Fit is excellent
-Velcro like bottom holds them in place
-Matches the RS interior
-Less than the Weather Tech Floor Liners ($151.09 shipped)
-Should be easy to clean

-Have to re-use factory clips or buy new ones
-Only covers 2/3ís of the dead pedal (better than the Floor Liners, not as good as the All Weathers)
-Might not hold as much snow and water as the All Weathers with their deep groves and channels

I took some pictures with my phone, but downloaded them to my PC at home, so Iíll have to upload them later. Iíll also report back in a few weeks and let you know how they are holding up.
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Default Pictures

Sorry it took so long, here's the pictures:





Installed w/RS on top:

Dead Pedal:

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looks good and I sent you a PM I am on south hill Puyallup and your the only other person I have met so far with an RS in this area. hell not even a lot of sonics around that I have seen and most of them if I do are the sedans.
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