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Default sigh

coasting only helps if you are not dropping your average speed. slow acceleration does more than coasting to help get more mpg. an excepting is light timing.....big way to decrease fuel consumption. steady average speed wins the day. another exception, on the upside of a hill, if you keep your speed steadied or up, your fuel mileage will go down. which means if you coast down the hill and power up the other side you didn't gain overall increase in mileage. you will get better mileage to add a little speed going down(easy for the engine) a hill and let the car slowly let the car reduce speed up hill(again easy on the engine). anytime......i repeat....anytime you mash the gas you are not going to better mileage.

seems like we missed the point on miles per gallon...... which is how much it cost to make the vehicle move. if premium does it for you, use premium. most cars set up for or recommended to use regular are cheaper to operate that way.

i never fooled my cars gauges...they were off a little but still indicated near correct overall averages.

for my efforts, i never...never, saw any difference is premium fuel. my differences shown themselves in ambient temperatures. hotter the day, better the mileage. speeds at 62 or below also showed up differences. anything over 62 and mileage went down...across the board.

warming up your car.....eats your fuel economy up. you want fuel mileage, be ready in your car and when you start it, go. you can gain a tenth or so if you back in each night before you start. takes at least 4 minutes to reach operating temp. cheaper to back in when the car is at operating temp than not.

the 1.8 engines could never match the 1.4 turbo's for fuel mileage given the same driver and route. same with auto and stick. the shift points for the auto were noticeable higher than recommended the stick.

if you don't have flat roads, you will not get the mileage of those who do.
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2016 LTZ 1.4t/ 6auto I can get the dic up to just over 30mpg. Drops significantly if I start "go-carting" it..
40 miles day commute, only 2 lights and 2 stop signs.
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Should all use fuelly. Does all the work for us.

I have noticed winters back. And I drive more city now, but my numbers are up from same time of year when I was using Shell. About 26 mpg average. I stick with BP now.

I do wonder though, if the gas basically comes from the same source and numbers are just too random. Or, if maybe from same source and differences are the additives they use individually at BP, Shell, etc....

Anyway. I seem to get about 2 - 4 mpg more on BP over Shell....
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Default 2012 Chevy Sonic 1.8L MPG

I don't know exactly what modifications that the previous owner of my car did and if it had an effect on gas mileage. I consistently get roughly 45 mpg or so with the cruise set anywhere from 55 to 70 while on the highway and I get about 24-28 in the city.
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I've gotten 47.8pmg at 70+ on the freeway. Even posted pics of it on the forum. That's with the Trifecta tune in eco mode. Getting 41.6 mixed now.

Originally Posted by joe truck driver View Post
you can claim what you like, but you didn't get 50 mpg at 70 mph. I know what I had to do to get the mileage I got. the best I ever got was during 95 degrees outside, windows up and ac off.....did have the fan running though. yes, it was hot but that's the neck of the woods you have to be in to get 50 plus...and that was at 60 mph(average speed read 48), no shift over 1500, no warm up(drive immediately after starting) and some drafting... I think 56.7 and over 600 on the tank. in winter you can't get 50mpg. something about the setup requires heat, lots of heat to get the best mileage. that car at 70 won't do it. too many rpm, too much wind resistance . you can see my trends on fuelly.... on top of that you had some hills( ok ...small mountains) to cross. next you'll tell us how much you got for the Ambassador bridge that you sold.
'14 RS auto

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Default Road trip yesterday

The first half in my 2015 1.4L 6M sedan, 188 miles with a good tailwind... 50.8 mpg! Costco gas. No special tune ups. 29k miles.

46.2 mpg round trip with slight headwind on the return. Cruise set between 72-74 mph entire trip. A/C use probably 25% of the time.
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2012, automatic, 1.8L. Aftermarket cruise. 34 mpg on my 60-mile commute. 32 on my wife's 80-mile commute, but hers has a lot of 75 mph.
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32-34 mixed city and highway between school and work. with the 1.4 6spd
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Avg 35-37mpg with the BNR GTX turbo and a bunch of mods.

My DIC reads 39-40mpg, its off by 3-4 mpg. 60-70% hwy, and some WOT fun now and then. Ive gotten better than 40mpg with the turbo upgrade, but its more fun now Ive also had 24mpg one tank when I was racing around.
2012 Sonic HB LT, 1.4T 6MT
The build thread
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Default My MPG

I have the 1.4l. It is a 2014 and automatic. No mods. I do a lot of city and highway driving and usually get a combined MPG of 30.5-31 MPG. In the city I get about 28 MPG. On the highway I get 33 MPG with my foot in it, if I drive like a grandpa I can get 35 MPG on the highway but I have never been able to get any more than that. Can't complain though since my old commuter got 16 MPG.
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