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Originally Posted by Mhoock14 View Post
I have the 1.4l. It is a 2014 and automatic. No mods. I do a lot of city and highway driving and usually get a combined MPG of 30.5-31 MPG. In the city I get about 28 MPG. On the highway I get 33 MPG with my foot in it, if I drive like a grandpa I can get 35 MPG on the highway but I have never been able to get any more than that. Can't complain though since my old commuter got 16 MPG.
65 MPH highway should give you around 43 MPG.
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I see some of the locations people are living in, that mention decent MPG's, and I picture mostly straight, flat roads. I drive mostly in what is supposed to be the 2nd hilliest town in America next to San Francisco. "Supposedly".

And the area around me has many "Roller Coaster" type back roads that are really kinda fun to drive when not filled with snow or pot holes. I even have a few where I find the top and then put it in neutral to see how far I can make in before I have to put it back in gear on the up n down journey.

So, I think that's a big reason for some of the MPG differences, but not really mentioned a lot. Even with the hilly roads and my bad "Go Cart" driving habits, I still get between 27 and 33 every month.

I can do practically everything with my Hatchback I use to use my Grand Cherokee for, at about 3x the MPG. I do miss the 4WD though...
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Here in Seattle (bellevue), with lots and lots of hills, I'm averaging the mid 25's to 29's with spirited driving. Freeway mid 35's to low 40's and I'm running a 2014 LT auto 1.4 turbo.

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Running the numbers again, altrough the display indicates average 47-49mpg in the city, hand calculated shows it to be 37-39. Dic off by up to 10 mpg
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Just got 43 indicated, 40 calculated on weekend trip.

1.4 with manual

Going within 5mph of speed limit.
Mix of highway, open but hilly two lane, and maybe 5 miles of gravel.
Not hypermiling, but going easy and mindful of throttle and shift points.
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I have a 2017 1.4 turbo. If I drive like a typical 4 cylinder and stay below 70mph, I stay at 30mpg.
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Default mpg

Been getting 39 calculated on my 2015 1.8 sonic. Driving 80 miles a day to/from work. No expressway mostly back country roads (55/60 mph). Computer is saying about 40 mpg average. So not too generously off. I reset the mpg each fillup so I can compare computer to calculated each time.
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A very consistent 6.9 l/100 km, which translated to MP(US)G is 34.

41 MPG imperial.
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