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The cruze links will fit iirc. Also BNR is working on a front sway bar kit, that will include upgraded end links.


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Keep us posted if you have any vehicle or dealer issues. Regards.


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It was a typical problem with the Cobalt as well.

Moog amoung ohters make Cobalt replacements in metal with Zerk fittings on them...I guess they will do the same for the Sonic in time.

I will wait till they make noise before I replace them.
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Originally Posted by $ub$onic View Post
No they Dont have to it has nothing to do with aliment
( in the vehicles I have seen )
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Originally Posted by lambertsonic View Post
I am almost at 20.000 miles and my stab links are still good . The dealership want me to have them changed since it a recall .
Might as well, free new parts

Originally Posted by $ub$onic View Post
A hour for sway bar links ? Wow
Mine was closer to 3 hours, got there at 8am when they opened, I think I got home just in time for the beginning of The Price is Right.
Makes me wonder if something else happened that they never told me about...
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UPDATE: They replaced the sway bar link issue?.. and also fixed the spring seated incorrectly into a washer??? I have no clue. don't have it back just yet! Will get it back Monday... I will know more then...they are fixing a dent in the left side..

I guess that the mount where the bottom of the coil spring in the rear mounts to the plate is miss-aligned and will cause noise mostly and possible wear that otherwise wouldn't have happened?

I am really pleased with the spot on center steering wheel and perfect alignment with this vehicle. Not off even one tick! first GM since 1995 that I have owned perfect out the gate!

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Ha wow both of these went bad in my car lol.
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Had my links replaced under warranty I think in April 2012. Car had about 20k miles. They were creaking and groaning.

Car now has 66k on it. I dropped it at the shop this morning for front end (left side) clunking. The link needed to be replaced and of course you do 'em in pairs. Need to pick it up in the morning.

And of course I find this thread after the fact. Looked around for TSB and recall info and found nothing. The bulletin # someone posted earlier gave negative results. Have an in-law that works for GM. He did some research for me and didn't find anything about this issue. Guess I need to talk to the dealership, eh?

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I'm waiting for mine to act up, then I'll bring it in. Figure I'd get the most out of the originals and the replacements. Like others, I hate to wait at the shop so this saves me possible future trips for more replacements (plan on selling the car before 100k, should make it to 100k on the second set).
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Had this recall done today. It is titled as recall 12172. I had no paper work sent to me from GM at all. I took my car in because of a suspension rattle when I would hit bumps/potholes.

I already had the sway bar end links replaced once last fall due to grinding during turning. This was a different failure mode. I only have 15k miles on the car if GM had to change the same part twice, this is ridiculous....
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