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Something similar just happened to me earlier today, three week old 2013 LTZ 1.4L with 1800 miles. I turned the car on and heard an unfamiliar startup chime. Put my turn signal on and there was no click-click and when I shut the car off a minute or so later the radio stayed on even after opening the door. I restarted and all was working normal, go figure.

The only thing that may be a factor is I have a ScanGauge II plugged in but it's been plugged in since I took delivery and this is the first time this happened.
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This has happened to me countless times, all were random times. Never twice in one week blank radio screen. No temp, time, nothing. Turn signals werent audible. Idk about the onstar stuff asi dont have it nor pay attention to it. But i really thought i was the only one having this issue. Mines a 2012 LT2 sedan. With the 6 speaker setup. Once i push the radio button everything works again.

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Originally Posted by Chevrolet Customer Servic View Post

Sorry to hear this. Not something you expect to happen after 2 weeks with a new car. Please keep us posted on what the dealer finds after your service appointment.

GM Customer Service
From our perspective it didn't go well. The dealer found a saved diagnostic code for a communications error between two of the modules and doesn't know what to do about it. They said the system was pretty new and they didn't really have a knowledge base of known issues to work off of, so they opened a support chase with Chevy technical support. The last I heard they hadn't heard back. From what I can tell the car was dropped off in the morning, someone pulled the info from it and then it proceeded to sit there for the rest of the day while they tried to figure out what to do. My wife ended up driving the car home since there wasn't a resolution in sight.

So now we're waiting for Chevy technical support. Not getting a warm fuzzy about this so far.
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bump... Well now this is happening to mine, and i have the 2013 LT2... but for me, the radio worked fine, its just the chimes went away, and when i got out the radio was still going. My paranoid self decided to turn off the radio, but the screen was still lit. This all happen right before i logged on just a little bit ago. This is the second time happening to me... I was going nuts when i was using my turn signals checking every few seconds to make sure it was on... I will check again once i get off work....

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Hasn't happened to me since I unplugged UltraGauge. Just sayin'
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Since turn signals are a safety issue, I expect it will be resolved, some day.
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Question same deal

I have to get my second state (Va) safety inspection this month. Might have to tell Chevy to take back this car if they haven't resolved what is obviously a serious electrical flaw. I have a 10 am dealer appointment today to find out. BTW I still haven't received my 50$ for test driving a Malibu, like they promised. My sonic now has over 13000 miles on it so this turn signal problem is not something that "might just go away", like I originally hoped.
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No luck at dealer, they blew me off even though I pointed to the radio display when I drove in and they saw it was clearly off. I hit the brake and it came back on, so they said, and I quote "the problems resolved" (I have it in writing!!!). Well I wasn't going to let them pull the same crap that I had pulled on me years ago with a chevette. I called Chevy service and raised the roof! They called the dealer and I have a new appointment on Monday. If there's no resolution then I'm heading downtown (I live in DC) and reporting them to the NTSB. This became mandatory when I saw what they've been trying to get away with on the cruze models.
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OOPS! Sorry - I'm showing my age - it's now the NHTSA
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Hi cheeeezy,

I'm sorry that you have experienced this with your Sonic. Let us know how your appointment goes Monday. If there is anything else we can look into for you feel free to PM us.


Jonathan A. (Assisting Jackie)
Chevrolet Customer Care
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bug, radio, turn signals

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